VENICE by Serge Ramelli

With its breathtaking marble palazzi and cathedrals, labyrinth-like azure canals, and palpable spellbinding energy, Venice is a veritable feast for all the senses—and especially the eyes. Whether through casual iPhone snaps or professional-grade images, Venice is, without a doubt, one of the most photographed locations on earth. But it’s never been captured quite like this before. Inspired by its myriad charms and undeniable allure, French photographer Serge Ramelli set out to photograph the mythic Italian city with his signature dramatic flair. Ramelli interprets Venice with a fascinating cinematic-infused style of color photography. From its bustling sites—such as the Piazza San Marco, Rialto Bridge, and Grand Canal—to its mysterious narrow alleyways, Ramelli takes readers on a stunning visual journey through Venice—bathed in morning mist, at sunrise or sunset, viewers can feel the city’s irresistible seduction and secrets. A shot of the opulent Saint Mark’s Basilica—devoid of its usual crowds of visitors—evokes a quiet beauty. While a scene of gondolas floating on tranquil lagoon waters invites quiet reflection. For longtime visitors, lifelong natives, aspiring tourists, and everyone in between, Serge Ramelliʼs Venice truly reflects the poetry, splendor, and romance that characterize this beloved Italian city—making it the perfect title for any serious library of photography, travel, or art.

SERGE RAMELLI is a French photographer specializing in landscapes and urban scenes. His fine art photographs are exhibited in Yellow Korner’s eighty-five worldwide galleries. In addition to his photography, he offers YouTube tutorials to over 300,000 subscribers. He is the author of Paris and New York. This is his third volume with teNeues—and the first volume in full color.

  • An ode to Venice and all its charms—beautifully captured in breathtaking color photography
  • From well-known tourist sites to addresses off the beaten path, this book paints a complete picture of the storied Italian city
  •  This book will not only appeal to lovers of photography; but all fans of architecture, art, and travel
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