The Watch Book II by Gisbert L. Brunner

The world of watches is in transition; so-called smart watches are playing a larger role. However, classic timepieces with mechanical movement will not disappear from people’s wrists, because the ticking of a mechanical watch has been and will continue to be the heartbeat of human culture. After the success of The Watch Book in 2015, the new follow-up volume, just as beautifully done, is a must-have. Informative text and many pictures highlight 22 additional watch brands and show their unique features and quirks. However, this book includes a much broader spectrum of timepieces than the previous volume: along with many watches that fall into the “affordable luxury” segment, there are timepieces from the chronometric crème de la crème. Along with long-standing traditional brands, the book profiles newer ones whose unusual designs and exclusive technical developments have contributed to the history of the watch. This volume also includes a helpful glossary of important terms, making The Watch Book II an absolute must for both timepiece experts and collectors and those new to the world of watch artistry.

  • Renowned watch expert and historian Gisbert L. Brunner shares his expansive knowledge with us once more
  • This volume picks up where the previous one left off
  • A can’t-miss gift for watch collectors and connoisseurs
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