The Superyacht Book

What is luxury? Some people might say “my Lamborghini,” while others might think of non-material things and place the greatest value on “time for myself” or “freedom.” The superyachts featured in this book will satisfy members of both groups. While on board these magnificent floating residences, you can enjoy every kind of luxury imaginable, including a gym with a view of the ocean, a 15 x 3m (49 x 10ft) indoor pool or an open-air cinema. After a few days aboard Savannah, Seahawk or Silver Fast, you’d be hard pressed not to find complete inner peace! In The Superyacht Book, edited by Tony Harris, one of the most knowledgeable observers of the scene, the flagships of 21 top shipyards are showcased in stunning exclusive photos and informative descriptions. En passant, you will learn about the most important new trends in superyacht design. This book is a luxury everyone can afford!

  • This book is a treat for all who love naval architecture and is sure to inspire you, if only to dream
  • Come along on the maiden voyage of the latest ships from the most respected international shipyards
  • The perfect gift for all yachting enthusiasts
  • Also available: Portuguese, Spanish, Russian, and Chinese editions
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Photo © Tim HallPhoto © LUX* South Ari