Tales from the Roads Less Traveled · Pie Aerts · Words by Jessica Wintz · MENDO

In the past few years, Dutch photographer Pie Aerts has traveled to some of the most remote corners of our planet. From the deep jungles of Papua to the high plains of Bolivia, from Buddhist monasteries in Nepal to the beating heart of the Okavango Delta, Pie ventures well off the beaten track to capture real people and everyday experiences in extraordinary habitats around the globe. A breathtaking graphic volume that pleads for a more mindful, more humane coexistence.

The avid Instagrammer now presents his best travel photographs in Tales from the Roads Less Traveled. Featuring vibrant images alongside first-hand travel anecdotes, the book invites Pie’s many fans to join his photographic world tour, together with his girlfriend and favorite model, Jessica Wintz. Page after page brings viewers face-to-face with astonishing landscapes, captivating characters, and some of the most awesome and endangered animals. With Pie’s unique view on people, wildlife, and nature, Tales from the Roads Less Traveled provides a unique view on our beautiful planet, as well as a new sense of belonging and community around the globe.

To Pie, photography has never just been about images, but always about a deeper connection. About venturing into the past and present, about feeling, appreciating, valuing, and fighting for the importance of individual beliefs, traditions, and differences. About showing the simple, imperfect, and mysterious nature of being human. About building the knowledge and appreciation of culture and nature to bring back a connection that has been long lost for much of humanity. A connection with the very things it relies on: nature, resources, wildlife, and each other.

What most people do not know is that a constant inner struggle is as much a part of Pie’s daily life as it is of his work. This struggle goes hand in hand with his exceptional, unique personality. Being dragged into a rush through life and almost losing himself in a lingering state of uncertainty, a persistent will developed within him to bring people together and get them to care again, about each other and about our planet. In his words, “Only if people care are they willing to fight.”

Photography has slowly made its way into our lives, becoming the lovingly called “third wheel” in our relationship. And I wouldn’t want it any other way. Tales from the Roads Less Traveled has never really been about making a book, but always about a quest for a voice, a quest for raw human emotion and connection—with our planet, each other, and with you. Jessica Wintz

Pie Aerts is a Dutch photographer based in Amsterdam but typically on the road, documenting his travels around the world. He loves long road trips, the cosmos, sunlight, and bygone days, but above all else, telling stories. As a child, there was nothing he loved more than drawing. It taught him to use his imagination and create stories within the four corners of a canvas. Years later, he uses that visual storytelling as a photographer in an attempt to connect viewers with whatever he sees, whether it is people, wildlife, or landscapes.

• The first photographic book from Pie Aerts, the popular Dutch photographer, with over 120,000 Instagram followers

• From the Andes to Nepal, a portrait of some of the most remote peoples and places around the globe

• With breathtaking photographs and first-hand anecdotes

Book Launch at Hotel W Amsterdam: July 18, 2019

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