Taken! Entertaining Nudes by Tony Kelly

A burst of colour, a lick of gloss and a touch of irony―welcome to the sun-drenched, palm tree-lined world of Tony Kelly. The Irish fine art and fashion photographerʼs work explodes with an individuality that commands attention.

Renowned for his vibrant, sensuous, and quirky images, Taken! showcases Tony Kelly’s best work to date―in it, you hitch a ride on his adrenalin-fuelled journey of nudes, pools, and a double irony on the rocks.

Kelly is a master of his craft; each image has a cinematic quality that draws you in and provokes a reaction. He invites you to peel back the veneer and contemplate the subtext of his immaculately polished images. When you are done, you will feel something―humour, shock, or simply a smile on your face. Go ahead and see for yourself!

Born in Dublin, Ireland, in 1975, Tony cut his teeth as a photojournalist. Tony’s voracious appetite for blue skies and sun-drenched panoramas drew him to Barcelona. Here he embraced the “street voyeur” within. His quirky spin on daily life and cultural idiosyncrasies surrounding him quickly became his distinctive signature style. Today, Tony is based in Los Angeles; a destination that is uniquely fitting for an aesthetic journey that drew him to work in locations as diverse as Rio De Janerio, Africa and the Middle-East.

Though immaculately polished, his videos and photos are playfully subversive. They force you to stop and think. Through his craft of subtext, he invites us to join him in venturing beneath the glossy veneer and confront stereotypes, taboos and role reversals. Tony Kellyʼs productions are renowned for their theatricality and spontaneity. His natural enthusiasm persuades his subjects to step out of their comfort zone, while his high-octane pace allows him to negotiate extravagant sets and imaginative tableaus. Itʼs juicy and exuberant and perfectly suited to the contemporary publications and progressive high-end galleries that exhibit his work.

Tony’s Toys, Kelly’s first self-published photo book, had a limited print run of only 1,000 copies and was exclusively available online and at Marc Jacobs’ Bookmarc.


  • If you are a fan of extravagant photography, this book is a must
  • A masterpiece of fine art photography—with a fun touch of irony
  • Let yourself be entertained by Tony Kelly – enjoy the show!
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