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Gretha’s love for food began at a young age on her family’s farm in South Africa, where the kitchen played a central role in her life. Her travels as a model further fueled her enthusiasm for exploring the cuisines and culinary traditions of other cultures around the world. She is a creator at heart, and besides cooking her talents extend to fashion design, interior decorating and gardening. Her interest in food is second nature to her, and she takes a straightforward yet innovative approach to it, constantly experimenting with fresh, local produce and flavors. An initial flirtation with matcha turned into a full-blown romance after a trip to Japan, resulting in her paying homage to the wonder ingredient in this book. Many hours of research and time in her kitchen have resulted in a sophisticated and contemporary collection of delicious recipes. Her mission is to ignite a spark of love for matcha within each reader.

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– Tasting Table Blog, USA

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