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Michael Poliza has won numerous awards for his groundbreaking work in digital photography shooting breathtaking wildlife and landscapes. He has a special love for the natural beauty of Africa. His many trips to this fascinating continent allowed him to develop a unique relationship with its landscapes and animals, one that is palpable in his touching images. His first coffee table book, Africa, was published in 2006 and became the most widely discussed photo book of its time. Poliza took the pictures for his second volume, Eyes Over Africa, from a helicopter: exceptional shots that recorded graphical structures, natural landscapes, and the effect of human activity on them. In 2008, this work won an International Photography Award in the United States and was honored as one of the year’s best photo books in Germany.

Following his expeditions to Africa, he dedicated himself to the polar regions in AntArctic. In recognition of his long-term commitment to nature and conservation, he was appointed to be an ambassador for the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) in 2009.

Poliza is a man who is used to reinventing himself: he has been an actor, an entrepreneur, a professional photographer, and an expedition leader, and is now a travel designer for MICHAEL POLIZA PRIVATE TRAVEL and MICHAEL POLIZA EXPERIENCES. His travel brands enable nature lovers and globetrotters to visit some of the world’s most beautiful unspoiled locations. His 2015 book, The World’s Most Magical Wilderness Escapes, collected many of his favorite travel destinations into a single comprehensive volume. Poliza leads a multifaceted and adventurous life, and those who know him understand that he doesn’t rest before he has successfully mastered his next challenge. In 2017, he published his latest work, Mallorca.


Fluffy, tiny and cute: prepare to fall in love with Michael Poliza’s pictures from Kenya, Botswana and Borneo of baby lions, cheetahs, elephants and more…

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(…) as cute and heartwarming as it gets (…)

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The perfect book to flick through on a cold January morning when you’ve got out of bed the wrong side.

– dailymail.co.uk

(…) beautifully captured (…)

– Wanderlust, UK

„staggering images“

– Travel Africa, UK

„glossy, envy inducing“

– The Sunday Times Travel Magazine, UK

Be inspired by The World’s Most Magical Wilderness Escapes (…) by Michael Poliza, and go off the beachten track from Churchill, Canada, to Damaraland, Namibia

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„breathtaking landscape and wildlife photography“

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„magnificent, mind-stretching landscapes“

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„astonishing landscapes“



Eyes Over Africa wins 1st Place in the Kategory Travel-Coffee-Table-Book || German Photo Book Awards 2008

Eyes Over Africa wins 1st Place in the Kategory Nature Coffe-Table-Book || IPA International Photography Awards 2008

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