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Paul Pflüger was born in Mainz, far from the sea. From an early age, however, he has been fascinated by the sea and its diverse inhabitants, both above and below the water. After finishing school, he was drawn to the coast. After pursuing jobs in Bremen, Hamburg, and Biarritz, he now commutes between Lisbon and Paris, where he works as a cameraman. Apart from his career, Pflüger has always been passionate about photography, food, and travel. While traveling in foreign lands, he enjoys wandering around and, with a curious eye, exploring what he discovers along the way—the cuisines and culinary specialties of each country have always been a starting point for him. Whether in restaurants, at markets, or with locals at home: Meals are wonderful opportunities to use all your senses to discover the culture of a cook and to spend time getting to know others at the table. Because Pflüger’s affinity for the sea also influenced his travels, it goes without saying that he frequently ate fish during these encounters. After enjoying yet another culinary discovery in pleasant company during one of his trips, Pflüger came up with the idea for this book—and an entirely new journey began.


Paul Pflüger joined fishermen from the sun-baked Adriatic to the wind-lashed Baltic to chart the net-to-plate journey. The result is a gorgeous blend of stories, recipes and photography.

– BOAT International, UK

(…) Captain’s Dinner takes us even closer to the source, aboard fishing boats across Europe. The featured fishermen share tales of their hard life as well as their favourite seafood recipes. (…)

–, ES

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