Persian Nights by Thomas Wegmann – now published

Iran may no longer be an insider secret, but it´s still a lesser-known travel destination. Renowned for its culture of hospitality, the country has seen a blossoming of stunning and creative hotels in the last years, just waiting to be discovered by international visitors.

This beautifully illustrated volume presents 16 boutique Iranian hotels and inns, promising pure delight for interior and architecture fans with their successful fusion of Iranian and Western design. From historic houses with magnificent patios to secluded oases and even a hideaway cave, these are some of the most lavish and exciting accommodations in Iran.

  • Persian hospitality and contemporary lifestyle in some of the finest Iranian hotels
  • The first ever guide to the country´s hostels and hoteliers, featuring extraordinary photos and immersive texts
  • With special travel entries on wind towers, concept stores, mud houses, and espresso culture etc.

Let yourself be inspired by the oriental style and go on a fascinating journey through the orient!

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