Moreno Monti | Matteo Tranchellini

Moreno Monti and Matteo Tranchellini live in Milan and have worked together for many years on international artistic projects, as well as advertising campaigns. Passionate about photography, they find that working together as a team can create creative synergies that would not be possible on their own. Chicken was borne of their creative collaboration.

(…) the sleekest, fluffiest, most primped specimens (…)

Photographers Moreno Monti and Matteo Tranchellini are based in Milan, which may explain the cool fashionista poses struck by their avian subjects. (…) Since 2013, when the two photographers encountered their first non-bearded goldens at an annual poultry show near Milan, they have returned every year, in search of the sleekest, fluffiest, most primped specimens for their new book, Chicken: A Declaration of Love.

– The Daily Telegraph, UK

Poulet Suprême, The fine-feathered past of poultry, detailed in a coffee-table tome

Preened to perfection, gloriously glossy and coolly coquettish, chickens are the undiscovered supermodels of the livestock world. A spectacular book of sultry poultry photography showcases resplendent roosters in all their beauty: white silky plumes, soft woolly crowns and billowing fluffy legs appear in high definition with sombre overhead lighting against a dark background that offers Caravaggio-like drama. Alongside such exquisite images are chapters detailing the birds’ high-flying history – from Queen Victoria’s pet Chinese Cochins and Indian Bahamas to the Rococo painter Jean-Baptiste Oudry’s abundance of avian studies. (…)

– Town & Country, UK

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