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Biography Daniella Midenge

Daniella Midenge is a completely self-taught photographer and seeker of contrasts residing in Los Angeles, having spent a number of years in Berlin.

Escaping the Nordic forests of Sweden where she grew up, she worked in oil painting restoration in Stockholm before engaging in a career as a hair and makeup artist—always having had an intense passion for colors, faces, shapes, graphics, people, drawing, painting and visual expression.

Her deep involvement in the concepts and art direction of the photo shoots increased Daniella’s strong interest in images to the point where she decided to take the camera into her own hands. Daniella landed her first magazine cover for Marie Claire, shot in New York, starring top models Candice Swanepoel and Behati Prinsloo. Soon, she was able to add other illustrious magazines to her portfolio, including Vogue, Harper’s Bazaar and L’Officiel. Her client base is still expanding with commissions from major brands. Occasionally, Daniella is in front of the camera herself.

Sex & Cigarettes is Daniella Midenge’s first photography book, showcasing her striking body of work thus far—with a few self-portraits included, of course.

“You only need to see the Swedish photographer Daniella Midenge’s work to know that women are the stronger sex.”

—L’Officiel Hommes, Germany

“Daniella’s imagery is audacious, bold and beautiful, created with a hypnotic lightness, as was the work of my friend Helmut Newton—who was someone that understood the magic of that combination. He was a lifelong admirer of Amazonian women and created his images in that spirit. Daniella—herself a gorgeous specimen with a profound sense for natural beauty —is the perfect incarnation of Helmut’s female idol, in stature and intellect, ready to carry forward the legacy of iconic photography.”

—Gesine Thomson, Berlin

„Daniella is a natural force and through her beautiful piercing eyes she sees the world from her own magical perspective that she transcends to powerful images…. With her charisma she inspires the person she photographs to let go of layers and to be part of her fantasy during that certain moment… The photos she shoot of my daughter Blue are iconic….“

—Johan Lindeberg, New York

Rare talent. Daniella Midenge is a star in front and behind the lens.

Daniella Midenge is not your typical photographer. She’s also not your typical model. Midenge isn’t your typical anything. (…) The renaissance woman took an unusal path to the heights of photography industy. (…) It was a freak occurrence that led to her dual-career path of photography and modeling. (…) IN an industry dominated by male photographers, Midenge offers a different perspective, and not just that of a woman: She has a unique artisitc eye as well. (…)

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