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Olga Michi was born in Havana/Cuba in a Russian family as the daughter of a military officer. She studied civil law and worked in the Russian Foreign Ministry at the Faculty of International Relations. Since then her fascination for history, politics and diplomacy has determined the direction of her travels and her professional photography training. Today Olga works as a photographer on all continents, organized difficult expeditions to Central America, Africa and Indonesia, lived with indigenous peoples, dived with Nile crocodiles, white sharks and orcas. She is presenter and co-author of the Russian TV show Extreme Photographer, produced international award-winning documentaries and photo exhibitions. Her documentary film Small People. Big Trees received several of the most important awards at film festivals (Hot Springs Documentary Film Festival, HumanDOC, EKOFILM, …).

In this stunning compilation of more than 160 images, photographer Olga Michi brings a new kind of portrait photography to endangered ethnic groups around the world. Her striking images seen in Vulnerable, present individuals against a black background, dramatically lit to focus on their dress, accessories, and individual expression. These indigenous peoples represent some of the most unique cultures in a hyper-globalized world, and an emotional reminder that they are our fellow human beings and singular personalities. And starkly, the rifles, cartridge cases, plastic objects and cell phones that also appear in Michi’s pictures acknowledge the fragility of their way of life.
Arresting portraits from remote indigenous cultures: more than 160 collectible photographs of profound impact by „extreme photographer“ Olga Michi,  32 x 25 cm, hardcover,  high-quality finishing, detailed introduction by the photographer; 242 pp., 164 color photographs, English/German, € 50 ISBN 978-3-96171-300-4 (German),  ISBN 978-3-96171-298-4 (English), teNeues Verlag


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