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Tein Lucasson is graphic designer, art director, producer, and a lover of creative things. He works around the clock to be able to realize artistic projects in addition to working for his clients. His digitally-edited photography has fans on every continent and hangs in living rooms from Amsterdam through Sydney to New York.

(…) the images mirror Old Master paintings, but with pedigree protagonists that will tug at the heart-strings of any dog lover (…)

– Canary Wharf, UK

Dogs reimagined as classical art characters. A new book creates a surreal hybrid of pooch pictures and Old Master portraits

A new book of delightful portraits reimagines canines in the style of Old Masters. In Dog: Portraits of Eighty-Eight Dogs and One Little Naughty Rabbit, the artist Tein Lucasson attributes canines (and one rabbit) with an anthropomorphic character by digitally refining their pictures.

–, UK

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