Love & Lights · David Drebin

Internationally-acclaimed art photographer and multidisciplinary artist, David Drebin is renowned as a storyteller par excellence. Whether elusive shots of glamorous and mysterious women or ethereal city or landscapes, his photographs and other art forms are bestowed with a unique combination of voyeurism, surrealism and intrigue. His celebrated collection of stunning monograph coffee table books including The Morning After, Beautiful Disasters, Chasing Paradise and Dreamscapes, have made him a worldwide favorite of young and established art patrons alike.

Now, the New York-based artist takes on the next chapter in his narrative-led art with his works in neon. In gleaming reds, blues, yellows and purples, these dazzling installations reveal the secret thoughts of the models and femme fatales who inhabit some of his most iconic photographs. At turns cynical, witty, eloquent, sexy, and wistful, each piece uses color, light, and disarming intimacy to maximum effect. Available at select galleries worldwide, the neon light installation works are produced in limited editions and with the highest levels of contemporary craftsmanship.

This luxurious collector’s edition coffee table book of Drebin’s neon works is the fifth in his series of books with teNeues and features an eye-catching lenticular cover as well as three unexpected gatefolds. With a foreword from global art expert Magnus Resch, it is a comprehensive review of his continued storytelling now via neon light installations, in which the tension, passion, and drama that characterizes Drebin’s work acquires a turbo-charge of fluorescence.


  • A luxurious collector’s edition volume of David Drebin’s neon light installation works.
  • Complements his iconic series of breathtaking coffee table books which include The Morning After (2010), Beautiful Disasters (2012), Chasing Paradise (2015) and Dreamscapes (2016) to reveal the secret thoughts of Drebin’s muses and femmes fatales.
  • Features a dramatic velvet fabric and lenticular cover, three surprise gatefolds, and a foreword by global art authority Magnus Resch.
  • Exhibition at Camera Work, Berlin in November 2017
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