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Werner Lampert is the leading sustainability expert in Austria. The organic pioneer has been working intensively in organic farming since the 1970s. Together with a team of experts, he specializes in the development, production, and marketing of sustainable organic products and consumer goods. He is also the author of three books and initiated the online magazine, Nachhaltigkeit. Neu denken (Sustainability. Rethink).


Around the World in 105 Cows

A book of bovine beauty shots seeks to revive the human-cattle bond. While Werner Lampert was living on an alpine pasture, he discovered that cows have an insatiable appetite for, among many things, poetry. (…) According to Lampert, cows and humans share a special relationship—one that goes way deeper than impromptu poetry readings. That’s why he partnered with a team of photographers to journey around the globe documenting the many breeds of cattle that populate the planet, as well as the humans who look after them, work with them, worship them, and eat them. His forthcoming book, The Cow: A Tribute, is an epic ode to the stunning diversity of cows and the many ways in which they’ve helped humans thrive over the past 10,000 years. (…) Lampert celebrates not only the resilience, strength, and utility of these age-old beasts of burden, but also the way they’ve shaped human communities, culture, and religion for thousands of years. (…) But, Lampert points out, something in this special human-bovine bond has been broken. We’ve begun to take without giving—or even really appreciating—our bovine companions. We view them as products, not as the fascinating, resourceful, stunning creatures they are. (…)

–, USA

(…) photographic tribute to rare breeds of the greatest ruminant (…)

Werner Lampert brands himself „the leading sustainability expert in Austria”, and while that job description may induce coma before reaching the end of his business card, his photographic tribute to rare breeds of the greatest ruminant ought to provoke involuntary leaps of delight. Travelling the world to capture various exotic strains, which consistently respond to some often breathtaking grazing opportunities with their signature insolence, Lampert aims to “pay tribute to the soulfulness of cattle and the special bond between man and cow.”


(…) A wonderful book


(…) the most beautiful and rare cattle (…) a wonderful book

Most glossy coffee-table books feature subjects such as naked models or luxurious home interiors, so this book on cows is a welcome – and surprising – alternative. Sustainability expert Werner Lampert and his team tracked down the most beautiful and rare cattle and captured them in their natural habitats, from Austria to India, and have displayed the pictures alongside quotes and poetry. A wonderful book.

– Daily Mail, UK

(…) The book follows Lampert, an organic farming pioneer raised among the alpine pastures of Austria, as he and his team of photographers cross the globe in search of the planet’s most beautiful bovines. (…)

– The Daily Telegraph, UK

Holy cow! (…) Surprisingly beautiful photos of cows all over the world

Found everywhere from Austria to India, Ethiopia to Colombia, these rare cattle breeds – the star of a new photography book – are dignified, fascinating, and udderly charming. (…)


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