Hope · Prix Pictet 08

The Prix Pictet is the world’s leading prize for photography and sustainability. For over ten years now, it aims to harness the power of all genres of photography to draw global attention to critical sustainability issues that threaten humanity; and the planet that we share with the rest of the natural world.

The eighth cycle of the award takes the theme of Hope, a subject that the late Kofi Annan, President of the Prix Pictet, touched on in his closing remarks at the Prix Pictet awards ceremony in November 2017: “It is perhaps in the ability to carry on in adversity that there lies hope for us all.” Sir David King, Chairman of the Prix Pictet Jury, builds on this idea in the foreword where he writes of the “hope that despite all the evidence to the contrary there is the vision, leadership and creative will to keep on trying.” The participants are encouraged to capture some of the positive sustainability actions and initiatives that are beginning to emerge around the world. Amid escalating environmental crisis and concern, these photographers turn their cameras on developments which give cause for optimism and inspiration—whether it be falling poverty or reforestation, advances in medicine or technological solutions for global environmental problems.

This book presents a selection of their interpretations of this theme, accompanied by full details of the portfolios of the 12 artists shortlisted by the independent jury. The book also features essays by four eminent writers: Naoko Abe, William Boyd, Martin Rees and Roger Scruton.

As a group the artists appearing in this book present Hope as a fragile and elusive quality that is nevertheless capable of overcoming despair. Hope is present even in the darkest of these images. “And right there,” according to David King, “is the great hope of the Prix Pictet, the wager that we all make with the future, that art can triumph where words alone have failed. That images can alarm our politicians into action and inspire us all to act before it is too late.”

An indispensable volume for anyone interested in conceptual photography, photojournalism, and the environment, this book also provides a galvanizing narrative of individual and collective agency, determination, and positive environmental change.

• The eighth edition of the Prix Pictet, the global award for photography and sustainability

• The winner of Prix Pictet Hope will be announced at the award ceremony at the Victoria & Albert Museum, London on November 13, 2019, with first exhibitions to follow in London, Tokyo, and Zurich

• An illuminating volume for everyone interested in conceptual photography, photojournalism, and the environment

• With essays by best-selling writers, Naoko Abe, William Boyd, Martin Rees, and Roger Scruton

Photo © Margaret Courtney-Clarke, mit freundlicher Genehmigung der Künstlerin und der SMAC Gallery, Kapstadt / Photo © Ivor Prickett, mit freundlicher Genehmigung des Künstlers und der New York Times / Photo © Lucas Foglia, mit freundlicher Genehmigung des Künstlers und der Michael Hoppen Gallery, London / Photo © Robin Rhode, mit freundlicher Genehmigung des, Künstlers und von Stevenson, Kapstadt / Photo © Rena Effendi / Photo © Shahidul Alam, mit freundlicher Genehmigung des Künstlers/Drik/Majority World / Photo © Awoiska van der Molen / Photo © Gideon Mendel / Photo © Ross McDonnell / Photo © Joana Choumali / Photo © Alexia Webster / Photo © Janelle Lynch /

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