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With his roots in France, Switzerland, and Italy, photographer Olivier Föllmi spent more than 20 years traveling and photographing the most remote areas of the Himalayas, before he then spent the next 20 years traveling every continent on Earth. He has published 36 books, which have been translated into nine languages, sold 1.5 million copies, and have inspired numerous films. Föllmi is the recipient of numerous awards and prizes, including the World Press Photo Award, and has exhibited his work in galleries around the world.

(…) a perfect example of photography from the heart (…)

Consisting of around 200 photographs, most of which fill an entire page or spread in this large and heavy tome. Olivier Föllmis latest book is described as ‘a visually stunning tribute to the Himalayan mountains and people’. But this underplays the beauty of the volume, which brings together photographs spanning 40 years of Föllmi’s Himalayan travels. (…) My Himalaya: 40 Years Among Buddhists is a perfect example of photography from the heart, which will resonate with its readers for a long time to come.

– Outdoor Photography, UK


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