Dog People by Sandra Müller

What dog owner hasn’t done this? You anthropomorphize your four-legged friend, put thoughts and feelings into his or her head that he or she almost certainly doesn’t have, and basically turn your pet into a four-legged person. That is exactly how photographer Sandra Müller feels about her dog Maja—who inspired Dog People—the book that provides hilarious and creative photographic answers to the question: “What kind of person would this dog be?” Whether it’s Great Dane Holly as a couch potato or “Gismo” riding a Harley, these images and more make up the unforgettable and endearing collection of portraits of man’s best friend in Dog People.

“No, this book is not meant to be a fashion show for dogs and dog owners. This book is simply a thought experiment: what kind of person would my dog be? And let’s be honest: who hasn’t given his or her dog a lengthy explanation which the dog seems to listen to raptly but surely doesn’t understand every word of? Yes, yes, I know…YOUR dog understands every word! So does mine!” (Sandra Müller, photographer/author of Dog People)

The book is a colorful parade of dogs, from Giant Schnauzers to Pugs, from registered purebreds to street mutts. There is also a humorous description of each dog explaining how the outfit was chosen to make the particular animal a Dog Man or Dog Lady. For example, take “Gisbert,” a Pug who would surely be a doctor if he were human—as he loves his vet so much that all you have to do is say “Dr. Uwe” and he pricks his ears—as much as any Pug can prick his ears, at least.

Dog People shows us 83 wonderful dog portraits – from a purebred Standard Schnauzer to a street mutt – and a panoply of human characters.

SANDRA MÜLLER, who is now 23, bought her first SLR camera at 14. She has been a big animal lover since childhood – from guinea pigs to her aunt’s dog, with whom she spent entire summer vacations. Today, she is the proud owner of Maja, the “most beautiful Bernese Mountain Dog mix in the world,” (of course, she is in the book!) and has found her calling in photography. She specializes in portraits of people and dogs. She feels it is very important to capture the unique personality of each of her subjects, two-legged or four-legged, in each shot. Sandra Müller lives in Haimendorf (near Nuremberg), Germany.

  • Surprising answers to the question: What if your dog were human?
  • 83 dogs and a panoply of human characters—a delightful treat for all dog lovers
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