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Santiago Borja, born in Quito, Ecuador, works as a pilot for an international airline. Since 2012, he has been first officer on a Boeing 767-300ER. The photographs he takes from the cockpit have won him a range of international prizes and are to be found in galleries worldwide. He lives in Quito.

Flying High

As an international airline pilot, Santiago Borja has probably the best seat in the house when it comes to witnessing meteorological phenomena – fortunately he usually has his camera to hand in the cockpit. (…)

– Outdoor Photography, UK

Electric dreams

We can’t stop gawking at these incredible mile-high stormscapes from #The Stormpilot. (…) It’s a coffee-table book of Biblical-looking thunder, lightning and other natural phenomena, captured from the cockpit by Ecuador-based pilot Santiago Borja.

– The Sunday Times Travel Magazine, UK

Perfect Storms. Santiago Borja – aka the Stormpilot – captures nature’s awe-inspiring power from his long-haul cockpit

(…) While passengers clutch the seat and pray, Ecuadorian long-haul pilot Santiago Borja sits in his cockpit trying to focus – not only on the altimeter but through the viewfinder of his camera. (…) A new collection of Borja’s aerial photographs, Pictures by #THESTORMPILOT, proves he is at his happiest snapping at 40,000ft as the weather gets wild.

– The Daily Telegraph Magazine, UK

Incredible photos capture storms from the cockpit of a plane

Ecuadorian pilot Santiago Borja has been capturing aerial photos of storms and natural landscapes from the cockpit for years. (…) A selection of the most striking photographs [are] featured in his new book Pictures by #THESTORMPILOT. (…) Borja has captured some of the world’s most dramatic natural phenomena, from swiring clouds and close-ups of lightening bolts to “surreal ghostly glows” and “the flickering of civilization in the rain” below. (…)

–, UK

(…) breathtaking photographs (…)

– Outdoor Photography, UK


–, UK

 (…) artfully captures the meteorological drama, from the ghostly glow of lightning in clouds to the fiery crack of the bolts themselves

These spectacular images of thunder, lightning and storms – snapped from the cockpit of an aeroplane – mirror the visceral thrill of being on a boat, alone with the elements. Santiago Borja, the “stormpilot”, artfully captures the meteorological drama, from the ghostly glow of lightning in clouds to the fiery crack of the bolts themselves.

– BOAT International, UK

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