BONUS FEATURE to Money People Politics by Marco Grob

A special app for Money People Politics by Marco Grob was created by Creative Director, Charles Blunier. It is a dynamic tool for readers to get fascinating behind-the-scenes information on the making of the book and read stories about some of the breathtaking photographs, which were not included in the book! The app will continue to be built out more and more over time.

© Money People Politics by Marco Grob, to be published by teNeues in September 2016,, GEORGE CLOONEY, Actor, The Carlyle Hotel, New York City, 2012, Photo © 2016 Marco Grob. All rights reserved.

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Employing the latest face-recognition technology, the reader just needs to tab on the photo guide button and the app automatically finds the attached footage. Readers can even organize their favorite images together and also order the book directly via app from Amazon.

Photo © Tara Rice

The app for Money People Politics by Marco Grob can be downloaded for free at the iTunes store!

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