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Biography Liora Bels

LIORA BELS is a Health Food Chef, Certified Nutrition Expert, and a Food & Style Consultant. Bels’ philosophy is rooted in a holistic approach and she strongly believes that a conscious lifestyle and a healthy cuisine have a great, positive impact on our overall wellbeing and a better future. During her time living abroad for many years and her travels around the world, she gained valuable insights and cultivated her long-sowed fascination with nutrition and healthy food. In her recipes, she embraces the different aromas, food traditions, and aesthetic presentation. Her love for natural food and cooking combined with her deep interest in its beneficial effects and healing aspects, as well as her hunger for knowledge, made her follow this devoted career path.

Press Reviews

(…) wholesome recipes for soups, snacks and more (…)

– Canary Wharf Magazine, UK

(…) vibrant, simple and healthy (…)

–, UK

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