A Taste of Greece Recipes, Cuisine & Culture · HRH Princess Tatiana of Greece & Diana Farr Louis

A Taste of Greece is not just a cookbook; it is a declaration of love for Greek culture, Greek lifestyle, and Greek cuisine.

Well-known personalities from all over the world have given Princess Tatiana of Greece and Diana Farr Louis their favorite Greek recipes and Hellenic dishes, revealing their personal stories and attachment to Greece along the way. This book is created in collaboration with the NGO Boroume, which is committed to fighting food waste and malnutrition.

Not just another cookbook, A Taste of Greece could have been called For the Love of Greece, as it became a project that brought together well-known personalities from across the world who all share a special bond with this everfascinating Mediterranean country. They gave us their favorite recipes, told us of their much-loved foods, and opened their hearts as they shared their memories and revealed what Greece means to them.

A Taste of Greece represents a collaborative effort between HRH Princess Tatiana, who has made Athens her home since 2013; Diana Farr Louis, a New Yorker who first came to Greece in 1963; and the Athens-based NGO BOROUME (“We Can”). Founded in 2011, BOROUME is the only nonprofit organization in Greece dedicated to reducing food waste and fighting malnutrition at the same time, by creating networks of food donors and receivers throughout the country. Through this book, you will see, feel, and taste a Greece that may be new to you. Most importantly, you will join a global community of active citizens who are eager to support the country they love. All proceeds from this book’s sale will support BOROUME in supplying meals for still more families and building a closer sense of community and solidarity.

Hearing of BOROUME’s efforts, HRH PRINCESS TATIANA resolved to lend her support to their work. Since moving to Greece with her husband, HRH Prince Nikolaos, in 2013, she found herself intrigued by the sociological importance of food. The cookbook project, which she coordinated, became a concrete expression of her love for Greece and her commitment to joining forces with individuals and organizations, across borders, to support those in need in the country she now calls home.

Contributing VIPs: Aliagas, Nikos – Atwood, Margaret – Bamford, Carole – Casiraghi, Tatiana – Caten, Dan & Dean – Chelios, Chris – Constantino, Laurie – Cora, Cat – Costas, Bob – Dalby, Andrew & Rachel – Dukakis, Olympia – Farr Louis, Diana – Gianopulos, Jim – Hinds, Christina – Hislop, Victoria – HM Queen Anne-Marie – HRH Prince Nikolaos – HRH Princess Irene – HRH Princess Tatiana – Huffington, Arianna – Karembeu, Christian – Karnazes, Dean – Katrantzou, Mary – Kochilas, Diane – Matsuhisa, Nobu – McCabe, Robert – Mehta, Zubin – Minaki, Peter – Pilavachi, Costa – Roux, Michel – Stott, Jim & King, Jonathan – Valentino // Giammetti – Vari, Sophia – Vlachonis, Vicky – von Furstenberg, Diane – Wilson, Rita – Zinovieff, Sofka

  • Fantastic gift book of Greek recipes, with 117 photos of the Greek landscape, people, and cuisine
  • Well-known personalities share their favorite regional dishes, including Princess Tatiana’s signature Paxos Salad, which showcases delicious flavors of the Mediterranean
  • A share of the profits go towards the NGO Boroume, which facilitates saving food to combat food waste and malnutrition

Photo © 2019 Lorenz Andreas Fischer / lorenzfischer.photo. All rights reserved.

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