A Scented World · The Magic of Fragrances · Claire Bingham

This extensive volume delves into the world of fragrances—the iconic brands and the creative minds behind the most fabulous perfumes. Fascinating interviews with perfumers reveal their inspiration and explore topics such as signature scents.

Try to describe a smell without thinking back to a place and time and it’s impossible not to have all five senses come into play. Scent is immersed in our lives. It conjures up memories of travels and temperatures, feelings about people and things. Fragrance transports you and can make your heart skip a beat. In A Scented World by author and design journalist Claire Bingham, we step inside the cradle of haute perfumeries and meet the talented aesthetes of the industry who are creating the most soothing and tantalizing scents for our olfactory receptors. Where does the future of fragrance lie? How does the creation of a new scent begin? How do you capture the essence of a moment and release it upon a person’s skin? Combining art and science, a perfumer’s philosophy is built on a passion for naturals and intuition. These fragrance heroes have the talent to take something every day and with a unique blend of ingredients, craft it into something exquisite. This book steps into the lives of the modern perfume elite and explores the environments where the magic takes place.

CLAIRE BINGHAM is an interiors journalist who writes about design, travel, and style for several publications worldwide. Before becoming an author, including the teNeues books Modern Living and A Beautiful Mess, she was the Homes Editor for Elle Decoration U.K. and her insightful work has been featured in international glossies, including Vogue Living and Architectural Digest. Scouring the globe for inspiring interiors and discovering the talents behind the scenes, she ultimately writes about homes full of character—be it modern-day glamour or old world, disheveled charm.

  • Meet the creatives who dream up the beguiling scents of today
  •  A behind-the-scenes look into the inspirations and creative process at play
  • Step inside the world’s most luxurious hotels and discover the secrets of their signature scents
  • The stories behind iconic scents that have shaped the perfumery world
  • Includes heritage brands and independent perfumers, from Guerlain to Parterre

Photo © Fragonard Parfumeur | Photo © Grégoire Mähler / International Flavors & Fragrances | Photo © Pierre et Gilles / Guerlain | Photo © Buly | Photo © Pierre Mahieu / Buly | Photo © Osmothèque | Photo © Osmothèque | Photo © Alex Voltz / EB Florals

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